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Welcome to My Bad Credit Mobiles! When you have a bad credit score, and it is causing you problems when you are trying to get a mobile phone contract, you probably wanted some help. If so, then you have come to the right place. We make getting a mobile contract, regardless of what your credit history looks like, as simple as possible. We know how important it is to have a mobile phone these days in order to keep in touch with everyone you know. Before sites like ours, having a credit score would stop you from achieving this, but no longer.

Here is how getting a mobile used to work. First, you would pick a mobile carrier, usually one of the most popular ones, or maybe one that friends and family are on. Then you would apply for a mobile contract through this carrier, and wait to see if you are approved. If you have a decent credit score, chances are you would be approved. But if your credit score is lower, they might have denied you. You would then need to choose another mobile carrier and apply all over again. Since your score had not gotten any better, chances are they would have rejected you to. Each time you repeated this process your credit score would get lower, making it even more difficult. In the end all you would get is a damaged credit report, a lot of your time wasted, and you would still be without a mobile device.

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You may have come across some other sites out there that claim to perform a similar service as we do. While these sites may help you get a mobile contract, we feel My Bad Credit Mobiles is better for three main reasons.

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Mobile Networks

We have joined with some of the best mobile networks all across the UK. By using our site you will not just see options from one or two networks that you have never heard of before, but instead you will be presented with options from several mobile carriers in the UK, most of which are very well known and respected. All of the networks we work with have passed our high standards to ensure that our visitors only sign up with reputable companies.


Customer Service

Customer service is of the utmost importance to us. Everything about our site has been tailored to make it easier on our visitors to get a mobile contract. We have also compiled useful information for our visitors to help them make better choices and to improve their credit ratings. We do all of this for free in hopes that we will be able to help people easily get a mobile contract.

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Easy Of Use

Lastly, we think our site is incredibly easy to use. Our application is easy to understand, and it only takes a couple of minutes to complete it. Once you do, you are instantly presented with several options that suit you. You can then proceed to sign up for that deal, without having to re-enter in your information. Our hope is that your experience on our website will be a good one, and that you will have no trouble finding a mobile contract in just a matter of minutes.


With the help of My Bad Credit Mobiles you no longer have to go through a process like that. If you know you have a bad credit rating, or if you were recently denied a phone contract from a mobile carrier, you can use our site to find yourself a deal. All you have to do is submit your information into our website once, and we do all of the searching for you. In just a matter of minutes you can have several mobile phone contract options presented to you, all of which you are likely to be approved for. No more going from company to company, getting denied because of your credit rating, and having it lowered as a consequence.

My Bad Credit Mobiles has partnered with many different mobile companies, like and we have compiled information from them on the different mobile contract deals they are offering. With all of this information stored in our databases, we can match you up with deals that suit your specific circumstances. This means that you are very likely to be approved for the mobile contract that you select. Best of all you can use our site at no cost to you. You can check out what deals are available to you as many times as you would like, and even if you decide to go through with one of them, we will still not charge you anything. That means there is no risk to you if you simply want to check out your options. Obtain more detailsObtain more details about the bad credit mobile phones that are on offer here.

Do not wait any longer to get the mobile phone that you have been waiting for. If you fill out our application now, you can have a mobile phone in no time at all. Then you can get back to communicating with all of the important people in your life, and focusing on things that are more important to you. We are here to make sure that having a bad credit score doesn't keep people from getting the mobile phone contract that they want. Get started now and see how easy the entire process can be. Thank you for visiting, and we look forward to helping you get a mobile contract today.