Mobile phones are great, but only when they are on. If your battery is dead on your phone, it doesn't do you much good. While many of today's phones have improved battery life, we still too often find ourselves sitting next to a charger in the middle of the day just to charge our phones. There isn't anything we can do to make your battery last forever, but there are at least a few tips we can pass along to make it hopefully last a little longer.

The first thing to look at is how bright your screen is, and how often it is on. A smartphone's screen is usually one of the biggest battery drainers, so you want to reduce that as much as you can. Turn the brightness down as low as is comfortable and you may find your battery will last a few more hours. On top of that, whenever you are not using your phone, make sure the screen is off. Set the screen timeout lower so that you don't have to always push the button. Having the screen timeout lower is a great way to add extra time to your battery life.

Next, you want to look at what your phone is doing. If your phone is constantly streaming media, or trying to find out your location, or scanning for a WiFi network, the battery will drain quickly. Make sure your phone is only do the things you want it to be doing at the time that you need it. For example, if you are going to be in your car for a long time, turn off the WiFi so that it is not always searching for a network. Or, if you are going to be in your office all day, turn off the location settings so that your phone isn't trying to connect to the GPS.

Speaking of network connections, try and do all of the heavy traffic stuff when you are connected to WiFi. Not only will this save you on data charges, but it will save your battery. Trying to download things, or do things like stream music and movies, via a data network takes a lot longer and makes your phone do more work. This extra time and effort will drain your battery quickly. Download the things when connected to WiFi and save them to your SD card so you can use them when your on the go.

Lastly, keep your phone in a mild temperate. Areas of extreme heat or cold will reduce battery performance. So for example, don't leave your phone in your car when it is very cold or very warm outside. Doing so will not only drain your battery, but may harm it from performing well in the future

As we said, these tips will not make your battery last forever. But if you use the advice above, you may find that your phone now lasts the entire day, when it wouldn't before. If you find that you are still having trouble getting your battery to last, consider buying a backup battery for cheap that you can carry around with you. This one time cost could keep you from sitting next to a wall outlet the next time you go out.