Mobile phones are becoming more expensive by the day. Not only do you usually have to purchase an expensive handset, but you also have to pay for the phone to be connected to a data network. Without this connection, most of the functions of any smartphone will not work at all. If you want to connect to the internet while on the go, you need to have a data plan. Most mobile companies require that you get a data plan as well, so you could not avoid it even if you wanted to. With this data plan comes the responsibility of not only paying for it, but making sure you stay within the set amount of data usage allowed.

With a data plan, each month you will be given an amount of data you are allowed to use. Every time you browse the internet, or watch a video, or download a song, you are using some of the allowance. If you don't hit your limit, then everything is fine. However if you go over your limit, even just a little bit, you will be charged a lot of overage fees. These fees can really jack up your mobile bill and make it harder to pay. There are ways to figure out how much data you have used so far that month, but a lot of us forget to check. Then the end of the month rolls around and suddenly we owe a lot of money. Or, if you have kids, they are a little less responsible with their data usage and go over their limit as well.

If any of this has happened to you, you probably wished there was a way to avoid it. While many companies either do not advertise this option, or simply don't offer it, there is something called Capped Contracts that you can look into. With a capped contract you have the same data limit, but once you reach it, your data connection shuts off. This may be a nuisance towards the end of the month, but it can end up saving you a lot of money. If you have kids that are consistently going over their limit, you can put a cap on their limit so that they have to use their data more frugally. As we said though, many companies will not tell you about these deals. This is because they want you to go over your limit so that they can make money on the fees. If you want to find out if your mobile carrier offers anything like a capped contract, you will most likely have to inquire directly.

If your mobile company simply does not offer anything like this, you may want to consider switching to another mobile company when your contract runs out. Ways the benefits of not having to worry about overage fees versus the costs of that carrier compared to the one you have now. Weigh all of your options before making a decision. If you are tired of constantly being hit with overage fees, then it may be the right choice for you.